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@PTGui: Best Getting Even Better!

PTGui Pro IconMaking a 360º panorama has always been part science, part art, and part voodoo—with an emphasis on the later.

But @PTGui, the software I use to stitch all of the pano photos together into a single panorama, has really become wonderfully powerful and just a delight to use. Now the odds of a pano actually working well are really high!

My favorite feature is relatively new and is a godsend: masking! I can simply paint out portions of a photo I do not want to be included in the final pano, and the program uses data from other overlapping photos to fill in that spot.  This feature made the last three panos I created were a snap!

Another awesomeness:  the export for web feature.  Not only will the exports play well with iOS devices, which makes fingertip interaction totally rock, but you can create custom templates for the exports!  Just too cool, way too cool.

Oh, and about that iOS export: the iPad and iPhone gyroscopes let the user move the device in 3D space as a means of controlling what you see (where you are looking in the pano) without even touching the screen.

Easy. Magic! Divine! Begin the incantations! Slay the fatted calf!