A Local Bread, Wine, Cheese Shop in Sydney

Australia: Days 13 and 14 — Travel from Sydney to LA

Well, I must confess that I am writing and publishing this post the night before I leave Australia. So, no, mother, I’m not home yet. I haven’t even left Australia.

Of all the vacations I’ve ever taken, this one has been the most exhausting and the most rewarding. I am near death!

I’m very strange in many ways. One way: if I sleep with air blowing directly on me (AC, heat, fan), I will get sick. It’s one of the Laws of Tim. And, I tried to skirt that law but lost. I have a terrible cold and sound like a frog. I waaaay over extended myself on this trip, walking in the cold rain with insufficient clothing, zipping from one area of the nation to another, and moving from very cold climates to warm ones–all with no regrets.

I spent today in bed catching up on publishing these pictures instead of walking till I dropped.

Australia is a varied and gorgeous place with kind and friendly people. I could easily have spent my entire vacation in any one of the areas which I visited. It’s expensive, especially with their strong dollar, but I could live here in a heart beat!  It reminds me of the USA 30 years ago, when people were nicer and the country wasn’t so over developed!

The local Australians are all astounded when they hear of the gorgeous weather I had in Tasmania, the rain I experienced in Uluru (with waterfalls coming off of the rock, something none of them have seen), and the constant rain here in Sydney, a place in the sun-burned country that rarely gets rain in the winter.  Nothing but rain, rain, rain, gusts, cold!

Well, I called this post Days 13 and 14 because I will magically gain the day I lost when landing here. In fact, I arrive home before I ever leave Australia.

I took 1,560 pictures on this trip and have only shared a small fraction of them with you so far. In the next few weeks I hope to get the Australia pictures online in the photos section of my blog.  Thanks for your comments and suggestions here on my blog and on Facebook.

If you ever have the chance, visit this gorgeous place.  I end my Australia vacation series with two final shots from yesterday.

A Local Bread, Wine, Cheese Shop in Sydney
A Local Bread, Wine, Cheese Shop
On the Sydney Harbor
On the Sydney Harbor

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