Uluru 01

Australia: Day 5 – Ayers Rock

Uluru, the local name for Ayers Rock, was half engulfed in a dense cloud cover today.  The rain was a fairly constant drizzle.

At first I was disappointed that I wouldn’t see the sunrise on the rock, it glistening red no the horizon, but then I realized that the local chatter was true:  we were seeing the rock as few people ever get to see it, in the rain with waterfalls and a distinctive hue.

The rock looked purplish and red.  Waterfalls abounded.  Water holes were filled.  I loved it!

As is so often the case, the scale of the rock is hard to describe.

Uluru 01

Uluru 02

Uluru 03

Uluru 04

Uluru 05
Notice the purple, red color in the rain

Uluru 06

Uluru 07
Cave in Uluru
Uluru 08
Actual Color before Oxidation

Uluru 09

Uluru 10
Waterfall at Watering Hole
Uluru 11
Compare the size to the first picture.

Uluru 12

Uluru 13
Main Watering Hole
Uluru 14
Main Watering Hole (Notice the tree.)
Ulurur 15
Main Watering Hole (Notice the tree.)

Uluru 16

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