Tasmania Coastline

Australia: Day 2 — Tasmania

Tasmania CoastlineTasmania is without doubt one of the world’s best kept secrets, and frankly, I want to keep it that way. Unspoiled. Undeveloped. Pristine. Gorgeous. In many ways this country reminds me of Norway with it expansive coast lines, rolling hills, and untouched beauty.

Their use of the English language has some great twists: Grass Slashed (cutting the grass), Caution When Frosty (road sign), and Overtaking Lane. The road signs are great fun, warning signs to watch out for Tasmanian Devils and Kangaroos abound, and for good reason. I saw many of the poor marsupials as road kill. Vegemite tastes like motor oil and should be sampled in the smallest amount possible.

Yes, today I saw live kangaroo and Tasmanian Devils. The later look a lot like little dogs with big tales and one hell of a screeching sound—enough to scare anyone to death. The poor Tasmanian Devils have recently begun developing cancerous tumors that kill them. The cancer is highly contagious among the species and has already killed about 75% of the Tasmanian Devil population. Now the Tasmanian Devil is an endangered species and expected to become extinct in 10 -15 years. Very sad. Additionally, Tasmania has a species of bird that looks a great deal like penguins.

Again, the people are friendly and will say anything. At the restaurant today, the cook and part owner saw the large 200mm Canon lens on my camera and said, “That’s the biggest lens I’ve ever seen. Not over compensating for anything there, mate?”  He was a hoot.

An older couple who apparently frequent the place asked him why he had cut his beard. He replied “Cause she told me I would get more nookie if I did.” She, his girl friend who also worked there, then chimed in saying she had to do something to keep him motivated. The older woman to whom they were talking was just laughing and rolling with the conversation.

Well, two pictures are included in this post. Many pictures will follow in time. Yes, Tasmania is stunningly beautiful.

Tasmania Collapsed Cave on the Coastline
Tasmania Collapsed Cave on the Coastline