Conrad, the Animaux Sauvage, the iBeast

Conrad Is Sick

Conrad, the Animaux Sauvage, the iBeast
Conrad, the Animaux Sauvage (Click to enlarge.)

This morning, around 10am, I realized that Conrad, the animaux sauvage, had not been accosting me demanding his fresh kill. This is completely out of the ordinary. He normally begins his “hunting” rituals around 4am. To have heard nothing from him by 10am is unprecedented.

In my search for him, as he was no where to be found, I discovered he had had an accident downstairs on the rug in the den. I looked everywhere for him and finally found him in the master bathroom sitting on the cold marble tiled floor. No way!  He never sits on a cold hard surface. He’s a cat that demands his earthly comforts.

When he saw me, he began meowing mournfully and did not move. Something serious was wrong. He kept meowing continuously telling me something was wrong with him. But I don’t speak animaux sauvage. I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me.

I started to slowly pet him. He seemed appreciative but did not purr. Conrad is a huge purring machine. I started to slowly feel around his body to see if he was injured. He just kept making his sad meows and didn’t want to be moved. I couldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, no wound, no protrusions, nothing broken.

I went downstairs and got his water bowl and food. He had no interest in eating at all. Something was terribly wrong. After petting him for a while, trying to make him feel better, he slowly stood up very awkwardly, hesitantly, as if in pain. He took a single bite of food. Within a minute he threw up. He slowly laid back down.

When he was standing I noticed a small amount of liquid on the bathroom tile floor. It had a tinge of pink in it, probably blood? He was definitely in pain. I had no idea what was wrong with him.

So, what does any grown man do? Call your medical expert in residence: mother! She said he sounded like he was seriously constipated and that I needed to take him to the vet.

I immediately put him in his carrier and off we went. We only live a few blocks from the vet’s office.

The vet said his urinary tract was blocked, his bladder was very distended, hard, and causing him a lot of discomfort. Left without treatment, his kidneys would probably fail and he would die within 3 – 4 days. They anesthetized him and placed a catheter to drain his bladder. I’ll spare everyone the gory details, but the x-rays and lab work do not indicate any kidney stones, physical blockage (like a tumor or what have you) or infection. Lab work indicated that this was caught early on, which is a good thing. Kidney function results will be back tomorrow.

The catheter will remain for 2 days while he remains hydrated by an IV drip. He will remain in the hospital for 3 days. The doctor said he is feeling much better now and purrs very easily. I can go visit him tomorrow.

The poor iBeast!

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  1. Hope Conrad is feeling better soon! Members of the family pull on our heartstrings when they are ill!

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