Anothny Atala TED2011 by drona at Flickr CC

“Printing” Actual Human Organs

Anothny Atala TED2011 by drona at Flickr CC
Photo by drona

Well, a few weeks back I published an unbelievable post about a physician who developed the technology to spray a burn victim’s own skin’s stem cells on his burn that then heals in a matter of a few days.  Astounding and awesome.

At TED2011, Anthony Atala demonstrated new advances in organ transplant technology by actually printing a kidney on the stage.  Now, I’m not talking about a picture of the kidney, I’m talking about an actual, real kidney.  His presentation is so futuristic as to seem beyond possibility.  But this is happening now.

You simply must watch this presentation from just a few days ago!  The advances of which he speaks and shows are incredulous!

Photo of Anthony holding the kidney seen above and below.
Printed Kidney by jurvetson Flickr CC