Canon Lens Hot Tea Cup


Canon Lens Hot Tea Cup
Click to enlarge my favorite tea cup...

Woke up early this morning.  I ache from head to toe.  Even the hairs on my head seem to ache.  The past several days have been brutal, as bad as moving.

The carpet has now been completely replaced.  It really looks and feels so much better.  The four upstairs rooms are almost completely re-assembled.  Taking it all apart and moving it all out of the way is nothing compared to putting it all back together again.  The office space is, of course, the worst!  Taking down, and then having to set back up, all of the computer equipment is just too overwhelming around these parts.

Amazed at how much junk I saw, finding its way back into my life, I’ve tried to be good and discard the mess.  I mean the great moving-cross-country purge was just three years ago, and look!  It’s back…

Where is the Advil!

Now you know why blog land has been silent for the past several days.  Well, I drank my hot tea, and I’m still not back to the land of the living.

I think I’m just going to crawl back in bed now.

P.S.  My favorite tea cup, pictured above, is a replica of the Canon EF 24 -105mm 1:4 L IS USM lens with a canon lens cap to keep the tea hot.  I know.  I’m a geek.  But I’m a tea-loving geek!