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I Need Everyone’s Opinion

This is my first experiment with the GBDeflicker plugin from Granite Bay for After Effects.  The plugin offers two main variables for removing flicker.  One is the number of frames over which the brightness of a single frame is averaged.  I chose 30 (the maximum) as this time lapse is plagued with bad flicker.  The other is to “Favor brightness” or not.

I can’t really decide which looks the best to me.  “favoring brightness” seems to amp up the blacks and contrast, making the resulting image appear darker to me.

Please watch the video below and give me your feed back by voting in the poll at the bottom.  The video is divided up into 3 noticeable sections:  Left, Middle, Right.  Each is labeled.  Just tell me which you think looks the best:  Left or Middle.

Please watch to the end as the impact of the plugin changes significantly as the brightness of the sky decreases.

Be sure your browser window is expanded so the full size HD video format can be seen. If your window isn’t large enough, the video may not play.






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