Clown Doll, Jester

Can Anyone Help Me Out Here??

Sarah Palin's signature.
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Since Sarah Palinâ„¢ has filed for a trademark for her name and her daughter’s name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, does this mean I will have to pay her royalties every time I splash her idiocy across my blog? Will this be retroactive? I mean, will I have to pay for every time I’ve every bemoaned her craziness on my blog in the past?

I need sound legal advice here to fend off the Sarah Palinâ„¢ international powerhouse.

Should I trademark my name?  I mean, Timâ„¢ has a touch of flare to it—a certain panache; don’t you think?!

As Andy Borowitz said in a tweet, “Palin’s standup: I was like, don’t quit your day job, and then I remembered she already did.” Her whole life seems to be becoming a comedy routine.