Pensacola Bay along Senic Highway

Now Over 1,000,000!

Well, yesterday I went over 1,000,000 miles on Delta alone. I travel way too much!

Most recently, I spent a week at Pensacola Beach visiting mother and looking at property. I noticed crews working on the beach, and then it hit me:   They are cleaning up buried oil from the Gulf oil spill. I was saddened to hear from a reliable source that will remain anonymous, they are removing 1,000 pounds of oil a day from the beaches in Pensacola!

Pensacola Bay along Senic Highway
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Moon Rising over the Intercoastal Waterway
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6 thoughts on “Now Over 1,000,000!”

  1. Tim, does your mother still live in PC? Next time I visit John I will have to give her a call. Don,t think i have seen you or your parents since “79. If i have t he right Tim, tell her Buddy and Bob sent them regards. Bob Passed away going on 6 years ago.

  2. Love the pics…ooooo that moooon! Any prospects on real estate?? Hope Aunt Beth is doing fine! May give her a call in the mornin’. Say ‘HI’ to Steve!!

  3. Susan:
    Top picture comes from a possibility. Also found a house in another location on the bay. The grossly over-priced property just over the bridge in Gulf Breeze that you saw with us is now under contract. Hope the people who are buying it aren’t paying anything near the insanely over-priced asking price.

    November on the P’cola beach is one of my favorite times!

  4. When you find it, it will have your name on it. Good luck!

    PS. I hope the house is little more “sturdy” than the pier here in this

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