Christmas Card

One of My Favorites from the Season

Lots of wonderful seasons greetings:  family newsletters, cards, photos.  Some were very clever and cute.  I especially liked the postcard with nothings but 4 pictures across,  each of the four girls up in the air (had jumped on the trampoline) holding a sign:  “Merry,” “Christmas,” “Happy,” “New Year!”  Their hair was flying, and it just looked crazy fun.

And here is another favorite—a card from a family in the UK.  It just looks so old charm British.  And while you can’t really tell from this scan, it had lots of ever-so-slightly green and white glitter all about in the snow.

Christmas Card
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  1. Yeah, only in the US does Santa appear obese and tossing back a Coke. I need to hit the gym too!

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