Dominating the Public Conversation

Church IconI have thought for some time that the approach of the Christian church to institutionalize extreme dogma as a central tenet of the church would backfire on them in the long run by making them irrelevant to more and more real people living real lives in a real world.  Well, this seems to be happening.

Sadly this abrasive blaring of the extremists who dominate the media conversation even impacts those churches that don’t worship at the alter of narrowly defined beliefs and exclusionary thinking.  Regrettably, “irrelevant” seems to be becoming the public perception of “people of faith” in general.  How short-sighted and selfish of those who want their 15 minutes of fame (and money) and are living for the moment.

By the Southern Baptist Church’s own survey results, only about 25% of  people from 18 – 29 regularly go to church.  That percentage has been steadily dropping according to a 2004 Gallup Poll.

My guess:  the same thing is happening in politics.  People continue to divest themselves from the whole dysfunctional scene.


2 thoughts on “Dominating the Public Conversation”

  1. I don’t think they realize how marginalized they’ve become as a result of their antics. They live in an echo chamber and do not have the awareness to see how they’ve damaged themselves and their message.

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