Tom Lowe Rapture Time Lapse (Play Button)

Where Are the Words?

On occasion you see something so breath-taking you don’t have adequate words to describe it.  It’s jaw dropping.  Stunning.  I had that experience when I first saw the HD series, Earth, on Blu-ray. The photography was beyond anything I had imagined before.

Well, I suspect that Tom Lowe’s (@timescapestime lapse project, which he has been working on for some time, is going to be another of those stunning visual experiences.  Below is a teaser he posted on Vimeo.  There’s time lapse, there’s astro time lapse, and there’s Tom Lowe’s time lapse.  I can’t wait to see this finished work.

Also of note, Tyler Ginter (@TylerGinter) who spent some time with Tom helping with a shoot in the fall and learning more about time lapse, has posted a really excellent piece about the art and science of time lapse.  He includes a growing checklist, links to Tom Guilmette’s (@TomGuilmette) tutorial on setting up the Kessler Cineslider, Philip Bloom‘s (@PhilipBloom) tutorial on post, and a behind the scene shot of setting up Tom’s Natural Bridge time lapse sequence.  It’s really a great post.  The checklist is awesome.

When you watch the time lapse below, which is a teaser for his upcoming film, be sure to go into full screen mode.