Walking Along the Pacific Ocean

Palm trees line Ocean Avenue
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I try to walk along the Pacific as much as possible since I live less than a mile from it. (If it weren’t such an elevation change, I would walk to the ocean, but the walk back up would be brutal for an “old man.”) I love the Pacific because it’s always in a different mood.

This afternoon’s walk was hotter than any of the times I spent sitting by the ocean this summer (all wrapped up in a blanket, might I add!). It hit 83º here in December! But, on the flip side, the air was completely clear. I could see great detail in Santa Monica and Palos Verdes. Even the tip end of the north bay past Malibu and Catalina to the south were clearly visible!

The sun is now starting to set and wash everything in the warm light of magic hour.


One thought on “Walking Along the Pacific Ocean”

  1. I am jealous…My favorite memories were those walking and driving along the Pacific coast…ahhhhh….wish I were there now especially with the big snowflakes falling down!

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