Budapest & Prague: Day One (Travel Day to Budapest)

The lobby in the Four Seasons hotel in Budapest on the Danube

Today was a travel day:  from Los Angeles through Paris and on to Budapest via Air France and then Malev.  The food on the Air France flight was the best I’ve ever had on a plane.  Superb!  The temperature on the plane was so hot though, I couldn’t sleep at all.  During breakfast I asked the flight attendant if he could please turn the heat down.  He immediately did.  Goodness!  I should have asked hours earlier!

Charles de Gaulle is such an enormous airport—no, I mean HUGE!  During the time I walked from terminal 3E to 3D I aged about 3 weeks!  It seemed like miles and miles!

Apparently luggage never makes it from Paris to Budapest on time.  A lady originally from Budapest, who now lives in Florida, said her luggage has never made it on the plane with her from any country, and she’s tried every possible connection in search of a solution to this problem.  The paperwork process for getting your lost luggage is rather amusing!  Hopefully my luggage will arrive in the night. (It did:  at 3:00AM.)

The hotel, The Four Seasons, formerly the Gresham Building, an insurance company, is utterly spectacular, with the perfect location—a stunning view of the Danube and Buda on the other side of the river.  (The picture in this post is from the lobby.)  I am eager to start taking pictures!