Crossing the Line

Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hos...

Throughout my career I had the unfortunate responsibility of dealing with people who “crossed the line.”.

I’m specifically thinking of female employees who had former boyfriends with whom they broke up that then began to obsess over them in unacceptable ways that impacted the employee’s work environment—hence, my involvement. Some of these women never returned the affections of the men that were obsessed with them—men who could not accept that and responded very bizarrely and inappropriately.

I was watching Anderson Cooper this past week as I traveled. He was reporting on Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell who has launched a personal crusade against Chris Armstrong, the University of Michigan student body president who is gay. Shirvell seems to have a very dangerous and unhealthy obsession with Armstrong. The University of Michigan certainly thinks so, banning Shirvell, who has even stalked Armstrong with a video camera at Armstrong’s parent’s home, from being on the university campus.

Astoundingly, the Michigan attorney general didn’t see Shirvell’s conduct as grotesquely inappropriate for someone in the attorney general’s office! Former Michigan district attorneys argue that the current district attorney has tremendous latitude in dealing with this inappropriate conduct. Is he skirting the issue for other reasons completely unacceptable and unbecoming of the office of district attorney?

Shirvell claims he is engaging in a non-personal, political attack against Armstrong, calling him slanderous names, drawing a swastika on his picture, and vilifying him, even though the student election has long since been over, and Shirvell isn’t even a student at the university. Among other things, he has created a blog completely dedicated to attacking this young man.

Shirvell claims some religious exemption to the boundaries of decency as he attacks what he claims is Armstrong’s homosexual agenda. Thank goodness Armstrong is strong enough to stand up to this attack, unlike so many other young men and women who have taken their lives recently under this kind of unconscionable attack.

This is just bizarre! Shirvell has crossed the line. He’s gone way too far.  He reminds me of the men who never had their affections returned from the women over whom they obsessed. ï»¿ He should be fired. He should get psychological help. Is he going to be the George Rekers with a Rent-a-boy, the next Larry Craig with a “wide stance?”. This is just all too weird!

Believe what you want to believe. Practice your faith. But never, never force your beliefs on anyone else! We already live in enough of a theocracy! And when one breaches the teachings of the very faith s/he uses to excuse the inexcusable, they fundamentally have become no different than the Taliban—using religion as an excuse to oppress and hate. This isn’t a principled life of godliness but a heart consumed with evil!