Fall Foliage

Happy Fall

PhotoToday is my annual post proclaiming my love for the Fall season!  I know I should have posted this yesterday, but I have a good reason for waiting until today.

This summer, the marine layer which blankets the south bay area and is frequently referred to as the May Gray or the June Gloom, has visited more days than it has not here along the ocean.  To be honest, it’s been quite depressing and cold—very, very cold!  Oddly, just a few miles north or east, and the marine layer routinely gave way to brilliant sunshine.  Yesterday, the first day of Fall, was yet again, another day of the gloomy, foggy, heavy, thick marine layer.

But last night we had a gorgeous Harvest Moon and today:  no marine layer.  I can actually see that the angle of the sun has dramatically changed and speaks of Fall.  The days are certainly shorter, the maple tree across the street is turning, and my favorite season begins.


[Image source (top right):   raymaclean @ flickr; click to enlarge Ray’s photo] [Image source (bottom three):  me:  Maine,  October, 2008]