To Facebook Or Not To Facebook

That is a common question I get.  I recently read another article that sums up well why I do NOT use Facebook.

1.  I think the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is a jerk.  According to the article in Wired, he “once joked dismissively about the ‘dumb fucks’ who ‘trust me’.”  I don’t trust the self-posessed, immature, opportunist.  He doesn’t have the best interest of others at heart, only his own.  He wants you to share every tidbit of information about your life with his company, but he shares next to nothing about his life with anyone.  He’s exceedingly private, according to an article at CNN today.

Reasons 2 – 5 are also good reasons not to participate in wholesale Facebook information sharing, number 3 being particularly noteworthy:  Information you supply for one purpose will invariably be used for another.  The article sights some excellent examples.  Here’s one of my own:  No one has considered what the longterm impact of having news marketed and election information market to individuals based on their pre-existing opinions, philosophies, and associations will have on the longterm wellbeing of a democracy.  Living in a world of your own making is not a healthy place to live.  Opposition is healthy and can spur critical thought that can either reframe or reinforce your thinking.  But if you are only receiving information that affirms your current view, then your opportunity to grow is exceedingly limited.

Reason number 6 is the most compelling reason for me.  I don’t want corporations to own culture.  I don’t want corporations to own news.  I don’t want business to own social discourse.  Mark wants to own you.  No, but thanks.  I say, “Unfriend Facebook.”

BTW, this Facebook-related Greenpeace ad campaign is brilliant!