Extremism Begets More Extremism

This, pardon my bluntness, imbecile, Pastor Terry Jones, is nothing more than a religious extremist and an opportunist.  That the media gave him any national attention speaks to their lack of professionalism and their contribution to validating his absurd attention-seeking, sensationalist behavior.  Extreme voices that lack credibility should be marginalized not sensationalized. The for-profit based media in the country is once again to blame for making news where none existed and ignoring the issues of substance we face in this nation and abroad.

I suspect that Jones’ calling his hate-filled event off has less to do with what he claims and more to do with a quiet visit he received from the FBI earlier today.

From where I sit, Al Qaeda and nut cases like this have a whole lot in common.  They are radical extremists whose causes the whole world should marginalize.