Bag the Tea Party

Fourth page of Constitution of the United States
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I’ve had all of the Tea Party insanity I can stomach. They now want a Constitutional Renaissance. What kind of horse @#$% is that?!

They want to revisit the 1st amendment, the 14th amendment, and states rights.

Freedom of religion only will apply to the religions they want it to apply to.  The 14th amendment should only apply when they want it to apply.  When civil rights gets in the way of what they want, they want the states to be able to vote civil rights back into the stone age when you just grabbed you a woman by the hair of the head.  And no more income taxes!  (But what of their precious military budget?!)

These people aren’t just racists.  Their “movement” isn’t just a well-funded marketing stunt to hinder the elected government.  They are dangerous.  They are home grown terrorists with deep roots in religious extremism — probably not much different than the beginnings of the Taliban.  They are the ignorant puppets of the super wealthy.

The day these fools get elected and start mucking up the US constitution is the day I leave the USA.

And while I’m venting my disgust for the sell out of America, I’ve decided to boycott Target because of their recent large contributions to radical extremist conservatives.  And then we have Fox so-called-news that just donated $1,000,000 to GOP gubernatorial candidates.  Fair and balanced my ass!  Are they going to disclose these contributions when they cover matters related to those races?!

We will soon have the best laws money can buy.