Apple's Wireless Bluetooth Trackpad

Apple’s "Magic" Trackpad

I really don’t like Apple‘s use of the word “magic” in their advertising campaigns.  To me, personally, it’s a stupid choice of adjective:  the “Magic Mouse,” the “Magic Trackpad,” and how “Magical” the iPad is.  I wish they would ditch the “M” word.  It just sounds childish to me.

That said, the new trackpad keyboard accessory is awesome!  Aesthetically, it beautifully accompanies the Apple keyboard.

I do not like a mouse, of any kind.  The “Magic Mouse” was the best mouse I’ve used, but it constantly had connectivity issues!  I have always preferred to use a trackball.  I don’t enjoy moving my hand all over a desktop surface.  In this regard, the “Magic Trackpad’ is a dream.

Here are the things I like about it:

  • I’ve yet to come across anything a mouse does that this trackpad will not do.  In fact it does more things than any mouse I’ve ever used will do.
  • I love they way it feels to the touch.
  • While it is larger than the trackpad on my MacBook Pro, it still has a small footprint.
  • I can easily move my cursor anywhere on my large 27″ monitors (2560 x 1600) , from corner to corner.
  • I can rotate, pinch and zoom, zoom the screen, page back and forth, bring up the application switcher, scroll, and activate Exposé using the trackpad.  I can also point, click, double click, right click, as well as click and drag so easily with intuitive touches and finger slides.

I find the new trackpad vastly superior to the “Magic Mouse” and even my Kennsington trackball.  In fact, I like it more than any mouse-type device I’ve ever used.  This baby rocks!