Fourth Branch of American Government

I have had growing concerns about the growing surveillance state in the USSA:  The United Surveillance State of America.  Apparently the Washington Post has them too. The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs,… Continue reading

Getting Beach Tar Off of Skin

Today we went walking along the beach and plopped our beach chairs surf side to enjoy a moment of sunshine and the cool ocean breeze. When I sat down, I noticed I had a glob of tar near the heal of my foot. And since I had forgotten to wear my “official beach shoes,” I was going to have a… Continue reading


No wonder cancer is rampant in our world today.  Unbelievably, by the time I was born, 134 atomic bombs had been detonated on our planet: USA:  87 Soviet Union:  38 Great Britton:  9 And, horrifying as it may be, 2,053 atomic bombs have been exploded on the planet through 1998 with over half being detonated by the US. NPR‘s Robert… Continue reading

Macaroni Grill

Image via Wikipedia I eat out a lot, no r-e-a-l-l-y a lot. And one the things that really frustrates me with today’s restaurants is portion size and cost. Frequently a dessert will cost about $7 and be of an obscene size, large enough for two people. This actually disgusts me as it promotes eating too much and is wasteful. I’ve… Continue reading

Physical Therapy

Today I went to Patty Brown Physical Therapy for physical therapy.  I have never had physical therapy before, but the issues with my shoulder are just impacting my basic living to such an extent that I decided I had to do it.  This morning I almost had my mouth in the bowl of cereal because I can’t lift the spoon… Continue reading

More Galleries to Come

Well, as you can see, I was very busy working on photos this weekend.  It all started when I found out that people were not only viewing but also comments on my photos on Flickr.  And I had posted very few photos there.  So, I decided to update those with several thousand new photos and tackle coming up to date… Continue reading

Page, AZ, Photo Gallery

My trip to Page, Arizona, back in January, 2010, was filled with amazing places to photograph.  I’ve finally published the Page Gallery of albums.  This gallery contains my first HDR gallery.  You will want to be sure to check it out! Click the image below to visit it, and don’t forget to view the pictures in full screen mode!… Continue reading