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Now That’s Clever

I’ve found a couple apps for the Mac and/or the iPhone that are curious.

This app removes the extra PowerPC code that makes your applications work on both the PowerPC chip and the Intel chip.  After the application is slimmed down, it will only work on the Intel chip.  Hello, I gave my last old PowerPC Mac away a year ago.  I only need my software applications to run on Intel machines.

Frankly, however, this scares the beans out of me!  So I tried it on just one application.  That application still seems to work just fine.  Even if it didn’t I could restore the application since I chose to have it backup the original before it slimmed it.  (I don’t know if that means it just made a copy of the code it removed and can add it back or if it backed up the entire application.)  But I confess to still being afraid to purchase the little $14.95 app and use it to slim down all of my apps.

The application will also remove unwanted languages from the code of the application to slim the application down even further.  I only need English.

Amazingly, if I were to slim down all of my applications, I would recover almost 3 gigabytes of disk space!  Maybe over time I’ll try one app at a time until I get my courage up.

Air Video
I’ve heard about this app for the iPhone and the iPad before.  Today I bought it.  It allows you to stream video content from any of  your computers on the network to your iPhone or iPad.  I read excellent reviews of the application.

It was incredibly easy to set up.  It is amazingly easy to use.  Astoundingly, it will convert file formats on the fly!  In other words, I can watch an avi file from my laptop on my iPad in realtime without having to wait for it first to be converted into a format that plays on the iPad.

My only regret with Air Video:  that I hadn’t purchased it sooner.  An amazing little gem!