Kent Wells BP PR Campaign

He Looks Like Mr. Clean

The carefully placed shine on the top of his head is brilliant marketing! Godlike. Saintly. Trust me.   I am your savior.

The LCD TV screen instead of a poster spends your BP dollar well while making the white on the graph look as white as possible — much brighter than a poster board would appear!

A wrinkle-free grey shirt. The perpendicular lines on the beige wall behind them to make the graph appear as tall and as white as possible.

Tech update…  Oh really?  Interesting that BP would title the picture for everyone.  I think of it more as an ongoing environmental Chernobyl update!

Wow! This spin machine is in high gear!! They left nothing to chance!

But he, BP senior VP Kent Wells, really is anything but Mr. Clean.

Think of his work more like Mr. Filth.

He is deceiving the world with his trickery: graphs. Oh, the lies data can tell. Looks likes things are getting a lot better. The green bars are going up high! Lots of white space. Even some blue. How environmentally pure.

Pooh authentica!!

Sure, the syphon is collecting more and more oil. The bar should be going up. But why does he not include a black, oily, slimy colored bar for the millions of gallons of crude oil that are NOT being syphoned off?

Let me tell you: perhaps the ceiling in the room is not tall enough for that graph!!!!!  The little green line would be shockingly  dwarfed by the enormous, hideous bar representing the volume of oil already and continuing to be dumped into the Gulf!

Cut to the chase, liars: first you told us the well was only leaking at most 5,000 barrels (or gallons, I forget) of oil a day. But then, oops, we find out that the syphon is sucking up 2,000 – 3,000 and not even making a visible dent in the huge volume of oil we see leaking out. Then experts confess the well could be leaking as many as 100,000 per day!

Don’t forget boys and girls, am I the only one that remembers they said the oil was leaking in three places???? Yet we only ever see one of them???? And why is that??????

And the Republicans want to turn the tide with their spin machine: Obama‘s fault now.

Yeah, right!

Drill baby, drill!

Lie baby, lie!

Screw people.  Screw the earth.  Screw wildlife. ï»¿ After all, it’s all about profit!