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Well, after reports several weeks back that Apple had laid off a significant number of people from the Final Cut Pro team, I have been worried that Apple will either sell or even possibly eliminate Final Cut Pro. Now rumors are flying.

The first rumor indicates Apple will redesign FCP with an emphasis on making it more prosumer friendly and perhaps far less dedicated to professional video work. The FCP has been placed under the lead developer, Randy Ubillos, the man who, in my humble opinion, destroyed iMovie with his iMovie ’08 release’s new user interface and a sudden lack of features found in the earlier versions. Apple has now advertised for a senior visual interface designer for pro apps. Obviously something is afoot.

Amidst all the flurry of worry, Apple released a non-statement:

Final Cut Pro is the first choice for professional video editors, and we’ve never been more excited about its future,” Apple spokesman Bill Evans told CNET. “The next version of Final Cut is going to be awesome, and our pro customers are going to love it.”

I was peeved about Apple’s last FCP release. So few substantive features were added. Now we live with the threat of a whole new interface design, and, if iMovie is any advanced warning, a loss of important features. Jeeze!