Gulf Oil Spill from Space


You know, I think democracy is just much too expensive: all of those expensive campaigns and elections, the cost of congress, the presidency, the supreme court. And then running all of those state governments. It’s simply not cost effective.

I suggest we combine state and nation government into one and just have all the CEO’s of the very largest transglobal corporations, regardless of their country of origin, run government. To keep military spending high, they can have a huge military to enforce their regulations on the poor, stupid masses.

We can abolish all rights of individuals—again, they are not cost effective. The only rights will be reserved for corporations to make profit.

Then we can convert all of the earth’s natural resources into profit! We can privatize public schools to make even more money. And we save a fortune not having regulations and regulators!!

I think this is a great idea! Freedom, democracy, and the environment are much too over rated! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Drill, baby, drill!!


It looks very scary. It’s not good. I really feel… not good about that.” That’s what the International Space Station Commander, cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, says about the Gulf’s oil disaster. This is the last satellite image.

Captured by NASA‘s Aqua satellite, the image shows only part of the oil surface, with the Sun shining over. I’ve exaggerated the image contrast so you can clearly see the extend of the damage.”

I’m enraged that CBS is being blocked by the US Coast Guard from reporting on how bad this catastrophe really is.  But you never know!  Those liberal commy reporters are probably terrorists seeking to set the entire Gulf of Mexico on fire by tossing a match into the water!  Can’t trust them!  No, no, no!!