Rachel Maddow's George Rekers Expose Play Button

Sad & Disgusting

Warning:  if you are one of my really ultra-conservative friends, you might want to skip this post.

First, I want to make it perfectly clear that I could care less if Dr. George Rekers is gay, straight, or anything in between.  It makes no difference to me.  That’s his personal business.  Hiring a male prostitute from RentBoy.com to “lift his luggage,” as he claimed, is his own thing — whatever.  It will not be the first nor the last time any man in this country has paid for or lied about sex.

What I find loathsome and detestable is his lying, his hypocrisy, his co-founding the Family Research Council and work with Focus on the Family with his good buddy James Dobson to profit from condemning and persecuting his very own lifestyle while he has the hubris to post this to his Facebook page, “Like Jesus Christ, I deliberately spend time with sinners with the loving goal to try to help them.”  Yes, Jesus did hang with the prostitutes.  But, I’m not so sure he did that to have sex with them.

Excuse me George.  You are nothing, nothing like Jesus Christ.  Your perverse and self-destructive lifestyle has only hurt people–many, many good and well intentioned people.  In my mind, you are evil.  You are not evil because you’re gay.  You’re evil because your religious work (profiting from targeting restricting rights of gay people and your organization’s odd notions of conversion therapy, etc.) hurts gay people–people like yourself.  How destructive is that? Totally self destructive!  Sadly, you must be a real nut job.

In my world view, you can live your life any way you wish until you start hurting people.  When you are hurting others, you must be stopped.  At least you have now clearly shown everyone how perverse your heart really is.  Exposing your evil heart is a great step to stopping your hurting others.

Some good, however, has come from George Rekers’ spectacle: humor.  The US now has a new euphemism for sexual activity:

  • South Carolina‘s Governor Mark Sanford gave us: “hiking the Appalachian Trail”
  • Senator Larry Craig gave us:  “wide stance,” and now
  • Religious nut job George Rekers gives us: “lift my luggage”

I especially liked this Alpha Dog of the Week video segment from the Colbert Report.  (Further warning:  this is filled with sexual innuendo and double entendre.  Don’t watch it if you are easily offended.)


Rachel Maddow has a few insightful comments, and, as she so often does, lays it on the line.


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