So Typically American

Tonight I ate at one of the regular restaurants in my rotation. It was chilly (and extremely windy) eating out on the patio, but nonetheless, many of the tables were taken. Being Mother’s Day, they were unusually busy.

After having ordered, across the restaurant I heard a patron complaining rather loudly and angrily that he and his party had been waiting to order for over 20 minutes. Well, I knew the 20 minutes claim was a bit of an exaggeration as I had seen them come in and be seated—maybe 10 minutes. But certainly, to be fair to the man, they should have had their order taken by this now.

The table cleaner to whom they complained had a waiter come and immediately taker their order. But here’s what was so ridiculous: the grumpy old man who had raised such hell about not having his order taken for so long still had no idea yet what he was ordering. He took forever to look over the menu and decide.

So what was he really complaining about? What expectation did he have that was not being met by the restaurant staff?

Rather makes me think of the idiots that drive so recklessly dodging in and out of congested traffic during rush hour in very congested areas. They never get anywhere any faster than anyone else. They just place themselves and others at risk of accidents. But why?

Pity that our society promotes this type of ridiculous behavior by rewarding the Alpha Male Type in so many ways.