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Cheesy Opportunitst

If you ask me, and because you’ve visited my blog—you have, Sarah Palin is nothing more than a cheesy opportunist. She quits public service because she can make money, lots of it. Well, the people of Alaska are probably better off. Now Sarah plays the role of the court jester on the national stage, and she’s getting rich doing it. I don’t begrudge her the money. I do disdain her hypocrisy and outright lying.

(CNN) — First-class commercial air travel for two or a private jet — “must be a Lear 60 or larger” — from Alaska to California and back. A deluxe hotel suite “registered under an alias.” And two unopened bottles of still water with “bendable straws.”

That’s what former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin wanted from a California state college foundation as part of her speaking agreement, according to a draft of a confidential contract allegedly lifted from a Dumpster by two students.

Source: CNN

Yesterday she was babbling on about the Obama deficits. Idiot. George W. Bush created these! George W. Bush spent the $1 trillion dollars on the completely unjustified wars based on his lies and deciet. George W. Bush turned a budget surplus into a global financial crisis.

I was just in Canada. They marvel at our financial mess. They are stupified about what we wasted the money on that put us into this financial mess—war! They just don’t understand why we supposedly think their national healthcare plan is such a mess. Admitting it isn’t perfect, they are proud of the fact that they spend their tax dollars helping people and not killing them.

Sarah needs to shut up and go away. She’s like the nation’s roach—always showing up when you never want to see her again.