Vintage Friendship

I had a wonderful day today visiting with my “old” friend, or should that be “old friend,” JR. It had been years since we had last seen each other. He was here in California speaking at a conference. I had forgotten how much we laugh when we’re together, and I mean belly laughs! We had a great day remembering our… Continue reading

Transmit 4

Image via Wikipedia My favorite ftp client for many years has been Panic’s Transmit.  However, over time Transmit 3 developed some really hideous issues.  I threatened a divorce (and meant it!).  Well, Panic released Transmit 4 this week. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Panic appears to have fixed all of the issues about which I… Continue reading

And You Unexpectedly Realize

I speak a lot about making a difference, about making the world a better place because you live in it. I say this mostly to educators. The work of the educator is a calling more than a job, and our mission is to empower human potential. For some reason, about this I have always been passionate. I have generally tried… Continue reading

Keyboard Shortcuts

As with any first generation product, the iPad is not without its issues. One issue that I find immensely frustrating: the lack of keyboard shortcuts. I use them. I use them a lot! (Admittedly, most users probably don’t.) To have to take my hand off of Apple’s iPad hardware keyboard to reach up and touch something is distracting to the… Continue reading

I Can Sing a Rainbow

Perhaps because one of my high school music teachers is retiring at the end of this year (after many years of service) or because of what I saw at the beach yesterday, or maybe both, but this song from my high school music days in the Singers came back to me. Red and yellow and pink and green Purple and… Continue reading

Coming Up to Speed

In Town Well, I’ll be home all week this week. Wonderful! I have so much catching up to do. Eating Out We went out to eat in Culver City tonight, a place called Eat Your Greens. I’ve been there before and really like their food. Afterward I splurged and had a chocolate ice cream from Cold Stone. While sitting outside… Continue reading

Tax Day: Pay Your War Bills

Have you paid your War Bills yet? You have until midnight!  Maybe this will help you put things in better perspective: Meanwhile, the military share of the budget works out to about $1.6 trillion. That figure includes the Pentagon budget request of $708 billion, plus an estimated $200 billion in supplemental funding, called “overseas contingency funding” in euphemistic White House-speak),… Continue reading

Cheesy Opportunitst

If you ask me, and because you’ve visited my blog—you have, Sarah Palin is nothing more than a cheesy opportunist. She quits public service because she can make money, lots of it. Well, the people of Alaska are probably better off. Now Sarah plays the role of the court jester on the national stage, and she’s getting rich doing it.… Continue reading

The Absurdity that Is Air Travel

Image by Getty Images via @daylife I never cease to be amazed at how powerful fear is. Today, going through security from Canada to the US was the most astoundingly absurd security process I’ve ever experienced. It took an entire hour just for security, not including immigration. Each individual person went through the metal detector. But why? They were going… Continue reading