Time Lapse of a Lazy, Foggy Saturday Play Button

Busy, Foggy Saturday

This time lapse, from yesterday, is better than my first because I used manual focus! 🙂

It’s also more interesting because you can see the stars moving through the sky as well as the fog come rolling in off of the ocean during the night. You can even see the moving fog outside during the day! (Look closely. You can see it.) Because this is a time lapse, the fog appears to be moving very rapidly. The truth is, it was going down the street faster than you could comfortably walk!

The downside of the fog: during the day this caused variance in the brightness of the individual shots in the time lapse. I experimented with removing that with a filter that averaged exposure values over time. It worked amazingly well but dulled the fog’s motion outside the window. So, I decided to leave it as shot.

You can view full screen by clicking on the full screen icon in the timeline. (It only appears, in the bottom right, when you mouse over the movie.)


Notes to myself on workflow:

  • To resize the finished video file, export from FCP with QuickTime conversion out of FCP at the desired size using H.264
  • THEN export that file out of MPEG Streamclip at 100% as an mp4 file for the web.
  • Otherwise MPEG Streamclip takes insanely f-o-r-e-v-e-r!