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And Then, in One Sickening Moment, It Dawned On Me…

I just read this from a blog I follow and had a sickening realization:

You may have heard that I don’t do iPhone or iPad development at this time. That said, it’d be silly to not keep track of what Apple is up to with the platform they care for most.” …

[Source: Install Beta Developer Tools In Sparse Disk Images.]

The realization: Apple’s core business has changed. And I don’t like it!

A couple of years ago, Apple Inc. changed its name from Apple Computer. I thought that was exciting. Now I’m not so sure. In fact, I’m very concerned. Apple is no longer a computer company, and it’s starting to really show.

Apple obviously cares more about its mobile platform/OS than they do their laptop/desktop platform and OS. I am not happy about that.

Sure, I love my iPhone. I doubt I will buy an iPad. I prefer to work on machines with some significant horsepower and significant screen real estate. And the iPad doesn’t even have a camera?! Forget it!

I wouldn’t care about the huge emphasis on the mobile platform if…

  • Upgrades to software for laptop and desktop machines hadn’t all but died in the last several years.
    • Cases in point: Where is iLife 2010? (Apple made a big issue of rewriting iLife 2010 from the ground up, but only for the mobile platform!)
    • Where is iWork 2010? (Apple made a big issue of rewriting iWork 2010 from the ground up, but only for the mobile platform!)
    • What happened to iMovie on the iPad? Where did it go?
    • When Apple finally came out with an upgrade to Final Cut Studio, the new feature set was anything but substantive.
    • Now there are rumors all over the net that Apple has laid off over 40 people from the Final Cut Studio software team. This can not be good as it probably indicates Apple is abandoning one of the most powerful production tools it ever developed!
    • How many years have we suffered with Aperture 2? Finally, Aperture 3 is released, but many users are reporting huge issues with the program’s basic operability and stability.
  • What of any significant improvements in laptop and desktop hardware?
    • Cases in point: The “new” iMacs have been plagued with screen problems and shipping was completely halted for a time while the issue has hopefully been corrected.
    • It blows me away that I bought my 2 x 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon computer about 1.5 years ago, and today Apple doesn’t even sell a machine as fast as this “old” computer! The fastest machine on their site is a 2 x 2.93 Quad-Core Intel Xeon computer! What’s with that?! Their hardware is getting slower?
    • Where’s the innovation in hardware? Apple has been the leader for years! With many of the new HD DSLR and video cameras sporting HDMI access, why hasn’t Apple added this to the hardware line up? Instead, my computers today have fewer high speed data access ports than they did 2 years ago!
  • One company control of my media access? Increasingly my heart is saying, “Absolutely no!”

From time to time I whine about Apple’s products. Certainly, they make the best hardware for my money. But I’m growing concerned that their core business has begun to seriously diverge from my core interests. Give me faster horsepower!