My Take on the iPad


Image by Getty Images via Daylife

First:  Glad to see Steve Jobs looks much healthier than during his first appearance after his liver transplant.

You know, I personally think Apple will have a devilishly difficult time beating what they accomplished with the iPhone.  It was transcendent, transformative technology that turned the mobile industry on its head–just as the iPod transformed media distribution and consumption.  Mobile technology will never be the same as other companies still scramble to catch up.

I like the iPad that was announced today.  I might even buy one.
But that said, this device only seems to be iterative technology built from what Apple accomplished with the iPhone.  Granted, technologically, it’s probably an utter miracle of glass, metal, and sand.  It’s beautiful.  It’s a brilliant strategy to get some percentage of the ultra inexpensive pc market users to switch, especially those who already own an iPod Touch or iPhone.  It’s more functional in some ways than the iPhone and iPod Touch.
There could be deal breakers.
  • Does it have a camera at all?  (I want to video conference from my arm chair!)
  • Will it run Skype?   (In other words, though clearly too large to function as a “mobile” phone, is there any way to place calls?)
  • Will it run multiple applications concurrently?
  • A big hint about running the device on other carriers networks, but do those carriers have plans in place?  (I’ve made, along with legions, no secret of my loathing of AT&T.)
  • Aside from the sync dock and keyboard dock, does it have any connectivity for external USB or firewire devices?  (Clearly none were visible.  Projecting a Keynote was mentioned.)
  • Does it run Flash?
  • iMovie was never mentioned.  Will it run on the device?
I know this isn’t a laptop, and it’s considerably less expensive.  I shouldn’t expect the iPad to do what my MacBook Pro does.  And I’m certain we will, more literally than we can currently imagine, “see the future” in this device, but I’m way greedy with my technology.  I want the future today.