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Just Ignore This Unless You’re a Geek

I use John Einselen’s MediaboxAdvanced, from iaian7, on my site for the media shadowboxes. I love it!

I’ve had two issues that needed attention. This is a “note to self” on how I fixed them in case I do site upgrades that might break the fixes, and I can’t quickly find the resources to these solutions.

Problem 1: Volume Inadequate on NonverBlaster Player (Solution Works)

I was having the same problem today and I tried making some changes in mediaboxAdv-1.1.7.js and it worked for me. I hope this works for you as well.
In the JS file, you can find the settings for NonverBlaster as below (seach for “FLV, MP4“)

// FLV, MP4
} else if (URL.match(/.flv|.mp4/i) || mediaType == ‘video’) {
mediaType = ‘obj’;
mediaWidth = mediaWidth || options.defaultWidth;
mediaHeight = mediaHeight || options.defaultHeight;
if (options.useNB) {
preload = new Swiff(”+options.NBpath+’?mediaURL=’+URL
+’&scaleIfFullScreen=true&showScalingButton=true&crop=false’, {
id: ‘MediaboxSWF’,     …

You can set the default volume by adding [&defaultVolume=100] right
after [crop=false].
like this.

…   &showScalingButton=true&crop=false&defaultVolume=100′, {
id: ‘MediaboxSWF’,   …

[Source: NonverBlaster default volume too low – mediaboxAdvanced | Google Groups.]

What doesn’t solve the problem: uncommenting the global media options volume parameter in line 93 or adding a defaultVolume parameter to the NonverBlaster section of code at line 110.
Problem 2: MP4s and FLVs Not Playing

From your server, open up the mediaboxAdvanced javascript file in a text or code editor, and update the options to reflect your desired settings. Make sure you update the file path to the JW media player with the correct path to your server.”

[Source: iaian7 » code » webcode » mediaboxadvanced.]

What he inadvertently left out: also be certain to update the file path to the NonverBlaster.swf file too!