Sea Lion @ San Francisco's at Pier 39

Mystery Solved?

Sea Lion @ San Francisco's at Pier 39

I posted last week about the sea lion exodus from Pier 39 in San Francisco. I hope this is the answer and not some imminent ominous portend.

The mystery of the missing sea lions at San Francisco’s Pier 39 may have been solved. …

Marine experts now believe that the Pier 39 sea lions have gone to Oregon. A couple thousand California sea lions showed up off the coast of Oregon with their typical bark …

Dan Harkins is the Sea Lion Caves general manager. He says: “We’re seeing the sea lions coming up this way from California because of the feeding. If the cold water fish move north to find colder waters, the sea lions have to eat and they follow the fish wherever they go.

Which begs the question: will they return in the spring?”

[Source: San Francisco Pier 39 sea lions found in Oregon?.]