St. Matthew's Church in Aukland, New Zealand

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St. Matthew's Church in Aukland, New ZealandWarning! Most Christians in the United States, and probably all conservative ones, will be deeply offended by this sign. I personally find it shocking. The thought that it was displayed by a Christian church astounds me.

Do not click the image to the right, which will open a picture of the sign that is large enough to see and read, if you are easily offended by those who may have different religious views from your own and express them in ways you may find incredibly offensive.

A church, St. Matthew‘s Church in Auckland, New Zealand, put this sign up “intended to challenge stereotypes about the conception of Jesus.” It has sparked enormous levels of anger and outrage on both sides of the controversy.

“We would see a billboard like that being used by an anti-Christian group to actually poke fun at the divinity of Christ,” Freer told National Radio.

Christ’s conception was a profound theological question and the billboard would not “give rise to any intelligent discussion on the birth of Jesus,” she said.

Many messages on the church Web site attacked the image, while others defended it.

“This billboard and your ‘sermon’ is a sacrilege,” one visitor, identified as Karen, posted.

Another, identified as Andrew M, wrote: “I for one think this is an excellent billboard. Challenging and thought-provoking. Just what it was intended to be.”

Via: NPR — Billboard Depicting Joseph, Mary In Bed Sparks Row