AT&T Death Star

Operation Chokehold Gives AT&T Another Black Eye

AT&T Death StarThe Fake Steve Jobs, Dan Lyons, has responded to AT&T‘s claim that his proposed Operation Chokehold is “an irresponsible and pointless scheme to draw attention to a blog.”

Lyons responded, noting that the company has made over $10 billion in profit over the last nine months, and has seen wireless data revenues soar 80% over the last eight quarters, while dropping its capital expenditures by 30% over the same period”

(Via: Spat between Lyons, AT&T poses iPhone outage threat | iLounge News”.)

Is this true? Are revenues and the user base at AT&T soaring because of their monopoly on the iPhone which is creating greater demands on their network while capitol investment in that same network is substantially dropping as a result of their maximized profit-taking? If so, this is a problem for AT&T–and a big one. It smacks of that whole corporate greed thing again which caused the banking sector to spiral out of control.

When the public perceives a company has a consistent and unfair imbalance between what they charge and what the customer gets for that fee (value), that company has a real problem. Then for the company to threaten to charge even more? AT&T would be better served if they stopped blaming customers who want to get what they are paying a premium to have and provided more customer value with less corporate profit taking.