Virtual Laser Keyboard Projection

A Day Late, and a Dollar…

Virtual Laser Keyboard ProjectionThis is a clever idea that would have been cool 15 years ago when I had a Palm PDA. In fact, I wished back in the day that someone made one. Instead, I had to buy one of those tiny fold up keyboards like the one you see at the bottom of this post. I’m not too sure a laser keyboard will be a hit today with glowing touchscreen keyboards becoming so prevalent.

The Virtual Laser Keyboard (VKB) is a revolutionary accessory (The only keyboard that operates in total darkness – see the picture below) for Blackberry, Smartphone, PDA, MAC & Tablet PC. The VKB comes with an elegant leather jacket, making it the perfect business / Christmas gift (and just what you want to take out of your inner suit pocket in front of your amazed business colleagues…:-)

In the size of a Zipo lighter and in an outer spaced ‘enterprise’ style, it uses a laser beam to generate a full-size perfectly OPERATING laser keyboard that smoothly connects to MAC’s, Smart Phones, the new Blackberry (8100,8300,8800),Nokia N95 (Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition) and Any kind of PC and Most of the handheld devices (PDA’s, tablet PC’s).”

(Via I-Tech’s Virtual Keyboard – A laser projected full-sized virtual QWERTY keyboard.)
Folding Keyboard (Palm)
Photo credit: Katsushi