Christmas Newsletter

The Xerox Phaser 6180

Christmas NewsletterNormally I print up the holiday newsletter on an inkjet printer. It’s a horrid affair as the newsletter is always two-sided. Running an inkjet printed page back through the printer, even after its had a full 24 hours to dry, is always problematic: jams, crooked pages, wrinkled pages, out of ink… Not this year!

I purchased a Xerox Phaser 6180 laser printer with a duplexer. It worked like a charm, printing both sides in a single pass. The only problem: as you can see from the thumbnail of the newsletter on the side, it is graphics intense (complete with a graphic of a coffee stain!), and, as a result, I spent 3 days printing out all of the copies for the mailing. The printer had to think about each newsletter for several minutes before printing it.

So I decided to increase the RAM in the printer, hoping that will improve print speed. The printer comes with 128MB of RAM, and it will hold 1.1GB of RAM. But the 1GB RAM card from Xerox is insanely expensive.

I read in a review of the printer, when I bought it, that a guy had purchased a 1GB 200 pin DDR2 SODIMM 128MX64 PC2-5300 module for $12 instead of spending the $400 Xerox was charging for the RAM upgrade. So, I tried the same thing. For less than $20 (shipping included) I’m up and running with 1.1GB of RAM in the printer.
I really like the printer. It does a very nice job. And, all of the newsletters are now in the mail.