Downtown Killarney, Ireland

Ireland: An Aside

I must say, the Irish do seem to enjoy their drinking and singing.

For the past two nights here in Killarney, I’ve been treated to early morning hour renditions of any number of American tunes sung by men and women walking home from the pubs.

They seem to be having a grand time of it, singing almost as loudly as the human voice is capable, waking me from a dead sleep!

While eating meals, I’ve frequently seen large glasses of very dark beers with heavy, thick heads of froth afloat. As a person who has never acquired a taste for alcohol, their beers really look as though they would grow hair on your very lips!

And Ireland‘s birds start singing their hearts out around 2:00AM in the dark of the night.  It’s just the oddest thing!

Downtown Killarney, Ireland
Downtown Killarney