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Hardcore Conservative Republican Extremist

And let’s set the record straight: George W. Bush and the Republican Party spent this nation into oblivion and bankruptcy by cutting taxes and spending the budget surplus and vast amounts of money on a needless, pointless war to make their buddies at Halliburton wealthy beyond belief. Nancy Pelosi had nothing to do with it at all. Those who say otherwise are ignorant and/or liars!

And these people didn’t want their children to hear President Obama challenge children to do their best in school? These religious extremists are dangerous! They are the radicals that have already ruined the country! I feel so bad for their children.

A new conservative children’s book titled Help! Mom! The Radicals Are Ruining My Country! prominently features Nancy Pelosi as an evil villain. Author Katharine DeBrecht, whom you may have seen on Fox News, explains:

“When Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House all we heard was how wonderful it was that a mother and grandmother rose through the ranks to such a position. In reality, that mother and grandmother has played an enormous role in ensuring that our children and grandchildren are shackled with debt for decades to come.”

link: Conservative children’s book vilifies Nancy Pelosi – Boing Boing