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A Few Take Aways from the Day’s News

News Paper GraphicCarrie Prejean
is your typical right wing extremist: If you don’t play by my rules, I’ll take my toys and go home. Can’t she think things all the way through? First she sues the pageant. They counter sue her. All is settled quietly. Then she agrees to do an interview with Larry King and admonishes him for being inappropriate before taking off her mic and just sitting there? And who is the mystery person off camera to whom she keeps communicating? She’s sadly bizarre in my opinion. Hasn’t it been 15 minutes yet?!

Lou Dobbs
has finally gotten the boot from CNN. Over time I’ve watched him become his own kind of fanatic. He remained on CNN far too long in my humble opinion. I think we need to take the media spotlight away from those who live in the fringe element. To do otherwise appears to legitimize their bizarre perspectives which no longer is good entertainment or news.

Current TV
was going to connect TV and the internet generation by allowing today’s youth to create real news programs. Apparently, after four years of effort, America‘s youth aren’t ready for such a thing as Current TV announced massive layoffs and is restructuring its programming strategy, making it more traditional. Children are trained by our current model of schooling to consume, not process and think, find higher levels of meaning, solve problems, and offer a value-added contribution. Sadly NCLB, which focuses school on just memorizing basic facts, is leaving CurrentTV behind.

Mormon Church
is trying to refurbish its tarnished image by supporting anti-discimination legislation for gay rights? This former mormon thinks so and believes that church doesn’t want to be seen as part of the extremist religious movement in this country. The mormons I know personally are very good people, but their church has “quite a history.”