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Three Cheers for FedEx

FedEx logoIn attempting to resolve this issue with Apple, about which I previously posted, I called FedEx back. I can understand the FedEx policy about not allowing me to change a shipping address since I wasn’t the shipper, Apple was. That makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is Apple’s inaccessibility surrounding correcting shipping issues in a timely manner.

I called FedEx, wondering how I would correct the problem with the package sitting on the door stoop of an empty house in Buckhead. FedEx provided a reasonable solution: call them back tomorrow, once they actually have the physical package. (At the present moment only a shipping label has been generated by Apple and FedEx has not taken procession of the package.) FedEx will then stop the package from shipping to Atlanta. Once Apple gets around to responding to the online request to correct the shipping address (hopefully within 2 business days as their website says), FedEx will ship it to the corrected mailing address Apple provides.

Three cheers for real customer service: FedEx! FedEx provides their customers with real human beings in real time providing real solutions to real problems. What a novel idea that should be the standard for all business practice!

Apple has moved off into some virtualized online world of maximized profits and minimized real time contact with actual human beings posing real problems that require resolutions in a timely manner. Interesting that Apple is posting record profits as they dump on their customers like this.

Apple: Finger wagging!
FedEx: Yeah!