Fraiche Restaurant Interior, Culver City

Living in Sinus Hell

Fraiche Restaurant Interior, Culver CityA couple of nights ago, a ferocious wind storm came through (a weather front without rain). I was walking along the sidewalk in Culver City, heading to meet friends for dinner at Fraiche, one of the many delightful little restaurants in downtown Culver City.

The wind was so fierce, debris was blowing into my hair and into my eyes. I’ve never experienced anything quite so irritating.

The weather became much cooler–dropping maybe as much as 20º. During the night the wind from the ocean was so strong I closed up the house. But too late.

As it so seldom rains, the pollens and dust permeated the air, filled the house, and have sent my sinuses into a belligerent rage. My allergies have been out of control ever since–nose bleeds, burning eyes, burning sinuses, et. al.

Deliver me!

In the meantime, cool video advertisement for the restaurant!