Manhattan Beach Pacific Ocean Sunset Golden Sun behind Palm

“Just Another” Sunset on the Pacific

Manhattan Beach Pacific Ocean Sunset Golden Sun behind PalmI feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to savor the sunsets on the Pacific Ocean with some degree of regularity. The rhythmic roar of the surf, the gentle breeze, the cool almost chilly breeze, the vastness of energy continuously greeting the land are all such a balancing force in human affairs.

I frequently see a couple, probably retired, sitting on the balcony of their small ocean-front home watching the sunset. Tonight, the minute the sun was beneath the horizon, they went inside. Then, there are many, many, many ocean front homes with televisions blaring football games to addicted fans as the beauty of nature goes quietly into the night. I just don’t understand the latter.

Also, Manhattan Beach has apparently commissioned a number of new sculptures throughout the city. I really like them. I just noticed this one tonight. It gives me the impression of the seagulls in flight.

Sea Gulls Flying Sculpture in Manhattan Beach