Steve, Portrait

Feeling Pretty Good

I’ve avoided shooting people (with a camera or anything else, for that matter) because I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable–who is he? Why is he taking my picture. (My trip to Japan was very much the exception as the people there love being photographed!) But lately, I’ve been dabbling more with portraits, especially learning to retouch them.

I was recently asked by a friend to retouch a picture, from their work, of four co-workers. I was specifically asked to “make me look thin.” Not only can I now, I also tackled a couple of other people in the picture: a new dad who hasn’t slept since the baby was born now looks fully rested, and a person who said he had put on a few pounds after a recent trip to Japan lost them much faster. Actually, they shot the picture of themselves on a recent business trip to Japan. I was amazed at how successfully I can manage digital transformation in a photograph. I would share the picture here, but I haven’t asked them if I could.

So I’ll share a picture of Steve, since he said he didn’t mind. I both shot and edited the photo. The glasses posed an interesting challenge as the refraction from the lens significantly indented the face by the left eye. Fixed.

While I still have lots to learn, this is actually rather fun. Printed on matted fine art paper, the pictures look rather amazing.

Steve, Portrait