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CNN LogoThis has been bothering me lately.  I’m sorry, has the crime rate shot up or is it just too expensive to do real, substantive investigative reporting and journalism any more?

CNN seems to be becoming more and more like a police blotter.  Kids shooting, stabbing, beating to death and setting other kids on fire; jealous lovers killing their boy friend’s pregnant girl friend; chopping up your wife into little pieces that can only be identified by the serial numbers on the breast implants; drug lord massacres in Columbia and Mexico; gun-toting mom getting blown away by her husband while she video chats online then hubby kills himself; dads killing their whole family and then themselves; hostages raped and abused for years finding freedom; and on and on and on and on.

Our nation is so disgustingly violent.  The wild, wild west still lives on, but the frontier appears to be the American city and the American family.  And while these stories are each tragic, I’m not too sure they are national news.

National news is, in my humble opinion, more substantive than our proclivity to kill ourselves.  News worthy would be a serious investigation into why we are among the most violent peoples on earth, why we seem to continuously wage war on the home front and abroad. Why can’t we get along with the people we are supposed to love?

No wonder we can’t get along with other nations.

And what of the larger local, national, and international issues that receive so little or no attention?  As local news agencies and papers fail right and left, what corruption is going undetected?  As news distribution becomes owned by fewer and fewer too-big-to fail corporations, is our accounting of meaningful and substantive news, like our financial institutions, also bankrupt?  Has the light of day stopped shining on governance and business?  Can our current model of funding news media coverage no longer support serious journalism even with the constant, in-your-face advertising I find so annoying?

These are tough questions in tough times.  But all we get is Nancy Grace acting like a pit bull for justice and FOX News pretending it’s anything more than partisan opinion masquerading as news and nut cases foaming on and on about conspiracy theories as if they are fact.  Does this now suffice for aggressive journalism that stands up for truth?

The violent and greedy path this nation has trod for the past several years has left us intellectually, culturally, socially, and financially bankrupt for many years to come.

Hopefully we as a people will do something to reverse this trend and start living more sustainable values before our country becomes one of the largest 3rd world nations on this planet.