Every Nook and Cranny

I think it’s time advertisers understood something: if you have an educated demographic as your targeted sales group, you need to stop inundating it with advertising!

As an intelligent human being living in the 21st century, I am fully capable of searching out the information I want and need when I am ready to make a purchase. When advertisements come to me and interrupt my pursuit at any given moment in time, I not only tune them out, I ban their products. Do you hear me????

Why? Because I resent the hell out of all of the distraction! Distraction has reached a feverish pitch, has become abundantly annoying, and has now filled every nook and cranny around my day-to-day living space.

People stick at least 2 advertisements in my front door every day. TiVo, which I bought to skip the ads on TV, has now started placing ads on my TV screen. I’ve already written a rant about CNN and the New York Times online. The LA Times printed edition frequently encloses the front page section in a 3/4ths of a sheet page of advertisements. Planes fly over the Pacific ocean pulling giant banners. And, speaking of planes, US Air has now placed advertisements on the little pull down table tops in front of the seats as well as on their napkins!

I can’t be the only human in this country that feels this way.

Listen up marketing departments. I’ve had enough!