Paula Abdul

Musical Chairs on American Idol

Paula AbdulWell, as little as I watched it, I shouldn’t have a dawg in this fight, oh… that’s Randy Jackson‘s line: “Yo, Dawg, now listen up.” But I hated to see Paula Abdul not return to the show. Even though she appeared to be “heavily medicated” at times, for her back pain, I’m sure, she was nice to the contestants–unlike Simon Fuller, whose remarks could be a bit caustic, if not always on the mark.

Ellen DeGeneres 2004I will miss classic lines from Paula, like: “I really liked your second performance tonight so much better than your first.”, when none of the contestants had sung a second number yet.

But, even with all of her issues, I still liked Paula. In fact, I’m with a friend of mine: I want Paula on my Death Panel.

But Ellen DeGeneres will be a nice replacement for Paula. She’s pretty and comes across as kind and sensible. Perhaps she also takes less “medication.”