Do Not Walk

Even More Updates and Tweaks Here

I think every time I work with CSS I want to slit my throat.  It would be an easier way to die!  CSS is hard enough to figure out, especially the hierarchy rules.  I’ll never understand those.  But then combine that with MT4’s conditional statements and third party template tags, and…  Well, it just goes downhill really fast.

What I really wanted to accomplish today was have the “Related post(s)” that appears at the end of every post only appear if their actually were related posts that I had assigned.  I’m sure it can be done.  My brain just isn’t sophisticated enough nor well equipped with a deep enough understanding of MT4 to make that happen.

I take that back, I could get it to happen.  But then, an opposite problem occurred:  If a related post had been selected, then the top label, “Related post(s) previously published at Tim’s Reflection Connection:” appeared before each one of them. Grrrrrrr!

While the only things you will see on the site are the related posts, Categories, and Tags, which serve as search links, several other things were done in the background.  I now have created several new template modules that each build of MT4 calls upon when a new post is published.  This has the potential of making a difference in the future, but I’m not sure that potential will get realized.

I also corrected some persistent build errors that I wasn’t aware were happening until today.  And finally, I am now more familiar with the details of the assets management features of MT4.  There’s still lots to unearth!